The Youth Scientists Journal

Effects of Different Exercises on the Human Body

Posted on: 11 August 2009

Respiration is a very important process in our body. It allows us to live, and in every way is indeed a miracle. Without this process in our body, it would be very difficult for us to survive. It enables our body to take in clean oxygen and send it to the rest of the body. It also helps in ridding the body of carbon dioxide.

During this practical we had the opportunity to do an experiment on one of our group members, Lee Youzheng. We measured and recorded his body temperature and heart rate, along with his breathing rate and the amount of oxygen concentration there was in the surrounding air, before the experiment stared.

He did ten sit-ups and push-ups for a minute before we took the necessary measurements. He did this for four more times and stopped at the fifth minute. We then allowed him too cool down and did the test over again after every minute for five minutes.

Watch the whole experiment here.


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