The Youth Scientists Journal


The Youth Scientists is a community of passionate young people from all over the world. They share the latest research findings in Science, and interesting facts about Science. The journal is online in the form of a blog so that it is accessible to anyone in the world. There are articles published on a regular basis from as often as daily, to weekly.

The Youth Scientists

The Youth Scientists Logo The logo symbolizes the free spirit of the youths, and how Science is mysterious and variable at times. The colour purple reflects the vibrancy of the youth scientists community. The slogan 'Solve 'em All!' encourages youths to always move ahead and solve all problems with Science and Technology.

It was founded by Dr Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir. He has majored in Biological Sciences (BSc, Hons, MSc), a doctorate in IT Education and an ongoing PhD in Educational Psychology. He is igniting the learning of Science in his profession as a teacher in Canberra Secondary School. He has a personal blog as teacher and a Dr Zam’s Science Series Blog

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Be part of our Community of Youth Scientists, and show the world what the youths of today can do for Science, as what Science has done for their lives.


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